About Kidz Live

Online Music Classes For Babies & Toddlers

Our interactive online music classes for babies and toddlers provide your little ones with entertainment, education, and routine. Most importantly, we support parents and carers to create their own musical experiences throughout their child's day.


We post content designed to support your little one's musical development as well as encourage musical play. Our 'mummy and me' activities for toddlers and babies are designed to be explored together and give you new ideas for musical experiences using everyday objects and resources around the house.

Try to minimise screen time by using these videos as a guide to help create your own magical, musical moments throughout the day.

Baby and Toddler Classes in South West London

Our music classes for babies and toddlers, like all of our endeavours, revolve around live music. Our teachers are all amazing musicians as well as experienced early years music practitioners.  We have baby and toddler music classes all around South West London including Richmond Upon Themes, Barnes, Mortlake, Kew, and have been known to sneak up to Chiswick. If our baby and toddler music classes aren't near you, let us know and where you are. We are always looking for new areas!

Lessons are created by our Musical Director Kirsty Mees who holds a masters degree in music education and has over 15 years experience. Learn more about Kirsty and the Kidz Live team here.

Events and Shows for Babies and Toddlers

If you're looking for something amazing to take your babies, toddlers, and little ones to this term break or holiday, you're in the right place. Our Little Kidz Live shows and Baby Ceilidhs are interactive and full of live music, sing-alongs, games and are both educational and fun!

Real musicians and experienced early years music leaders, taking your little ones on a musical journey they will never forget.​

kirsty guitar (1).jpg

Kirsty Mees

Musical Director

"I believe that the multisensory nature of musical experiences can support learning through exploration and discovery. As Director of Kidz Live I aim to create an environment full of rich, diverse and magical sounds and activities to engage and inspire our young musicians”

Kirsty is a musician, performer and music educator, providing live musical experiences for all ages - including early years music sessions and opportunities for young people to perform in a live band. Beyond Kidz Live, Kirsty is also the Director of Music Making SENse, which supports children and young people with additional needs to access and engage in ensemble music experiences.


Kirsty is also the Singing Coordinator for Lambeth Music Service which involves preparing, arranging, and conducting singing concerts with over 1800 Lambeth Primary School children at the Royal Festival Hall. Kirsty has a Masters of Music Education with a focus on the sensory and musical explorations of children with ASD. In all areas of her music education provision, Kirsty aims to provide musical experiences which can be extended and explored in young people’s own extraordinary way.

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Andrew Mees


Andrew has a diverse background in both music and business, from live performance and music technology, through to senior management within software companies. Andrew worked for Apple to deliver training sessions including music workshops for children, focussing on learner lead training.  He was also a champion of teaching children and adults with additional needs, focusing on spreading knowledge throughout the company so as to better support customers needs.


As a musician, DJ and music producer, Andrew is passionate about creating musical opportunities for children and young people and is always on the lookout for new ways to spread his love of music. He founded Kidz Live along with Kirsty to provide an alternate style of education and entertainment for children and young people.