Frequently asked questions

I had a term subscription that was interrupted due to Covid-19. How do I book online classes?

Kidz Live have set you up a free Monthly Plan that will expire after 2 months on the 24th May 2020. This plan means you can book unlimited online music sessions for free. To activate this please follow the steps below:

  1. Verify your account by clicking the link in the email from Kidz Live with subject ‘Welcome! Confirm Your Email’
  2. Sign in on our website by clicking the avatar in the top of the menu (on a phone) or clicking 'Log In' (on a computer)
  3. Once logged in, go to the Online Baby Music Classes page and select “Book Now” in the Single Sessions section.
  4. Select a date and time
  5. Fill your name in
  6. Click 'Book Now'
  7. You will receive a link to the class at least one hour before the booking via email or text

I’m on a Plan or a Free Trial Class, how do I book a session?

  1. Log in
  2. Go to the class booking page
  3. Choose the date and time of the class
  4. Fill out details
  5. Click 'Book Now'
  6. You’re all booked!
  7. If this is an on line class, you will receive a link to the class at least one hour before the booking via email or text

I haven’t received my Zoom link!

In accordance with children's online safeguarding guidelines, we do not send out a link to a class between one and two hours before it begins. If you haven’t received it an hour before, please check your junk folder. If it’s not there please get in touch via chat, email, or phone.

What age are your classes for?

Our online classes are suitable for up to five year olds. Our face-to-face classes are suited for three months to four years. You can bring new born babies under three months for free and older siblings are welcome as long as they can maintain social distancing guidlines.

I purchased a pass on Happity but you sent me an email about a Pass. WooOt?

The email you received from us would be titled something like "You've Ordered Six Class Pass Plan". Then the email talks about how to book. Don't worry, if you booked through Happity, you are already booked in to your classes. The reason we signed you up to a Kidz Live pass is so we could give you access to our Members content. Also our online classes are incuded for free with Happity bookings but you need to book them here.