Online Baby Music Classes Terms & Conditions

  • Please change your screen name on Zoom to match the name that was used to book

  • Please under no circumstances share the Zoom meeting link with anyone

  • Online Classes are for parents/guardians and their child/children.  We understand that children may move away from the screen throughout the session, but they must be present for the initial welcome

  • Kidz Live will not record or take images of the screen at any time during the sessions

  • You are required to keep your camera switched on when joining so that we can check who is participating in the class. Kidz Live reserves the right to block or remove anyone from the class who does not switch their camera on when joining

  • You can choose to turn off your video or not be visible to the rest of the group (after the initial welcome)

  • Recording the screen is strictly forbidden

  • If taking photos of your child, please make sure that no other children are visible on the screen

  • You can choose to chat directly to the music leader or to the whole group


Terms and Conditions - Online Classes

Online sessions can be impacted by the technical specification of your own device and internet connection. While we do our best to provide the highest quality audio and video within the technical capabilities of the third-party software and infrastructure used, we can not refund purchases due to technical difficulties or Internet bandwidth problems.