Private Parties & Functions

 Do your children love a good party? We sure do. We can make your party or function musically momentous!  Choose the age of your child below,  take a look at our ideas or request your own.

Little Kidz Live 

0-5 year olds


Including Baby Dances, drumming, Sing-alongs, & musical messy play.

Magical musical moments for our miniature music makers!

Karaoke Kidz Live 

6-14 year olds


Children get the opportunity to sing & perform favourite songs with a live backing band!

Can someone say superstar?

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0-5 Year Olds

Little Kidz Live is the home of musical parties and events for the youngest of music makers. With activities for 0-5 year old’s including the littlest of little ones, Kidz Live offer that little something special for your party/event.


Baby Drummers

Baby Drummers is an exciting exploration of percussion and drums for our young music makers.

We include percussion instruments from around the world in this uplifting musical experience including djembes, samba percussion, shakers, tuned percussion and much more. Baby drummers will bang, shake, sing, move and dance to the wonderful sounds, songs and rhythms of many percussion styles.


This event is tailored to the age of the participants and is an experience for young players to explore with an adult.  


Little Kidz Live Sing-Along

Little Kidz Live Sing-along is a musical and vocal exploration of the songs and activities young children most enjoy and loads of new exciting musical moments.


Sing-along is the perfect event for young children, including those very little ones and tailored to the age and interests of the children. Sing-along includes props and resources which encourage vocalisation, instrumental play, movement and musical exploration. 



Kidz Live is lucky enough to have access to some of Londons most experienced music teachers, trainers, and musicians.  We adapt on the fly to tailor our services to your event, however, if you have an idea that you would like to try, we are more than happy to have a chat to make your child's event extra special!

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Baby Dances

Baby Dances brings together young children and their families and friends to dance and explore musical styles from around the world.  These very special events bring the wonder and excitement of each musical style, its instrumentation and dance traditions to the fingertips of our youngest of music makers.

Baby Dances includes events such as Baby Ceilidh, Baby Swing, Baby Mariachi, Baby Samba and much much more. Kidz Live collaborate with professional musicians and ensembles for each of its Baby Dances, creating a magical, exploratory and safe space for children to express their musical selves and have a wonderful time. Baby Dances is the perfect event for children aged 0-5 years. Older siblings are also very welcome.

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Musical Messy Play

Musical Messy Play is a collection of experiences combining the wonderful world of sensory exploration and resources with musical games, singing and instrumental play. A multisensory array of sounds, songs and movement, together with tactile and visual props and activities such as painting, play dough and glorious gooey fun. A great party idea for those little learners or perfect for a school event.

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6-14 year olds


Karaoke Kidz Live

An innovative live musical experience for children and young people which provides the opportunity to sing and perform favourite songs with a live band.


Karaoke Kidz Live features experienced musicians who follow the performers lead and build the musical experience around their performance. Our musical directors and backing vocalists support singers in their performance, creating a unique experience for performers of all levels.

Performers can sign up and request a favourite song or choose from our extensive song list including current pop tunes, musical movie bangers, rock ‘n’ roll classics and much much more. Performers are also welcome to accompany their own song if they play an instrument or even perform with a friend.


Karaoke Kidz Live events are tailored to the age and needs of the participants.



Karaoke Kidz Live is a fantastic addition to any birthday party, event, festival or school workshop and can be tailored to suit a variety of settings and themes. 


Karaoke Kidz Live band features guitar, percussion, support vocals, keys and may include brass, strings, bass, ukulele + various other instruments.


We have many band packages available so please ask us for a quote!