Activities For Toddlers at Home: Musical Drawing

Updated: May 26, 2020

Now, more than ever, we need to keep our children stimulated. Here we look at one way to musically engage your baby or toddler through multiple senses. We are utilising a nursery rhyme that many children know already ‘Round and Round The Garden’ to engage in creative and musical exploration.

The musical elements encourage vocalisation and can be represented and explored through drawing shapes, choosing colours and changing tempo. Musical engagement and enjoyment are beautifully illustrated as Hendrix sings along to the song and anticipates the finale full of giggles and tickles!

The concept is simple: Find some paper and crayons, coloured pens, pencils, or whatever you have at hand. Get your little one to draw circles while reciting the nursery rhyme. Creating a space where your child can sit in the middle of the paper allows them to explore freely using their whole body.

Try going slower and faster. Let them choose a colour for themselves and for you. Try all different shapes and patterns, changing the words to match such as ‘up and down the garden…’ This activity helps to promote understanding of concepts such as shapes and colours and explores musical ideas such as tempo and anticipation.

Follow us for more activities for toddlers and babies at home and we will keep them coming!

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