Introducing: Kidz Live Blog

If you are struggling with social distancing and trying to find activities that are both fun and educational for your baby or toddler, you are in the right place.

Our interactive online music classes for babies and toddlers provide your little ones with entertainment, education, and routine. Most importantly, we support parents and carers to create their own musical experiences throughout their child's day.

Our blog is where we will be sharing posts designed to support your little one's musical development as well as encourage musical play. Many of them will contain videos to be explored together and give you new ideas for musical experiences using everyday objects and resources around the house. Try to minimise screen time by using these videos as a guide to help create your own magical, musical moments throughout the day.

Posts will be broken into categories including:

  • Activities

  • Songs to Tap To

  • Songs To Wave To

  • Songs To Shake To

  • Songs To Move To

As well as our free content, we have an exclusive members area where you can access many of the songs from our live classes as well as a ton of extra content.

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