Kidz Live Hello Song

Here we share with you a little Hello Song that we use to welcome children and grown-ups to our Interactive Online Baby and Toddler Music Classes.

Hello and Welcome Songs are an essential element of activities and classes for young children. They create a consistent starting point which welcomes individuals and the group to the session and signals something familiar, sets expectations and encourages vocalising and singing along.

Babies and toddlers sway, bounce, wave and dance along with their grown-ups as they hear their own name and the names of others who they are enjoying music with.

We often repeat our hello song ongoing in our sessions as it provides a familiar and inviting musical interaction and encourages children and grown-ups to explore it in different musical ways. Repetition supports musical response as well as engagement and learning.

The Kidz Live Hello Song is designed to provide a gentle welcome to settle children and grown-ups into the session and is written in a folky style to be appealing to both children and grown-ups. Children may sing hello, and their name and grown-ups may enjoy singing the full tune.

In this recording of the Kidz Live Hello Song, there are some spaces for you to say our child/s and your own name and even some space to add in some names of favourite toys or family members/friends.

If you would like to play along on a Guitar or Ukulele, the chords are:

C Am F G

The fingerpicking style can be adjusted to simple strumming.

We hope you enjoy the Kidz Live Hello Song.