Music For Kids: My Little Train

Throughout lockdown Kidz Live have been running Online Baby Music Sessions based on the Theme: Travelling around the World.

This theme has been so much fun with songs, props and activities from all over the world that we have decided to continue this theme for the Summer Term. There are just so many places to visit, animals to meet, songs and languages to hear and games to play!

One activity within every session has been taking a different mode of transport to get us to wherever we are going around the world.

We will be sharing many of these songs in our blog. The song above is our train song 'My Little Train' by Kirsty Mees and is a song open to many different ways of exploration including instrumental play, movement and vocalization.

This version incorporates percussion instruments and shaking actions to explore (i) direction; up and down, side to side, and round and round through movement and instrumental play (ii) tempo; fast and slow and getting faster and getting slower (iii) sound making; train sounds and repetitive lyrics to encourage vocalisation.

Whistles and props could also form part of this up-tempo transport song.

My Little Train has become a bit of a Kidz Live anthem featuring in many of our shows and events. We hope you enjoy!!



C G7

Gonna drive my little train Drive my train, my little train

C G7

Gonna drive my little train Drive my train, my little train


Over the Hill Up and Down Over the Hill Up and Down

F G7 C

Over the Hill Up and Down Gonna drive my little train

Side to Side - This way that way

Round and around - Woah - oh - oh

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