Music For Kids: The Herring Song

This song forms part of our ‘Around the World’ theme and was included in our session where we travelled around England.

The Herring Song, also known as The Red Herring and Jolly Red Herring is a folk-song associated with the once-thriving herring-fishing industry in the North Sea. The Herring Song’s origins can be linked to many parts of the United Kingdom.

Our version is based on Eliza Carthy’s version which uses the words ‘Aber O Vane Aber O Linn’ which Eliza suggests could be Welsh words meaning something similar to ‘over the hills and over the bridge’. You can hear Eliza Carthy’s Herring Song here.

The full version of Kidz Live’s Herring Song is available to our Monthly Pass Holders where we explore different ways to tap along as we sing. Above we share a short snippet of this beautiful folk song accompanied by a drum.

Children can tap along freely, move, sway, shake or wave something along to this 6/8 song, joining in with our ‘la la la’ vocal section.

We hope you enjoy!

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